Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Hannaaaaaaah

Sooo, happy birthday to HANNAH BARRETT!

Hannah was my first friend at STU, and I hope we're friends FOREVERRRRRR.

Yesterday was my birthday, and Hannah wrote 18 things about me, so I thought it would only be fitting if I now wrote 19 things about her!

1. I am so excited to be living down the hall from her next year!

2. She is Holy Cross House's awesome Secretary.

3. She truly loves Cheryl Bernard.

4. She is awesome at Tigger's Honey Hunt! :)

5. She is otherwise known as Hannington the Noble!

6. She has a very... broad taste in music. From Lady Sov to Disney to African tribal music!

7. We have a mutual hate for Levan.

8. OH and a mutual love for those chicken potato bowl things in the caf.

9. She LOVES Veronica Mars,

10. and Glee,

11. and several other shows which I have never heard of :P

12. She does the best ninja roll I have ever seen.

13. She always knows what I am thinking just by a glance.

14. She is a morning person... something I will never be.

15. She had a SWEET fort in her room for a while last year!

16. She is now the only person I will ever show my werewolf transformation, ever again. Seriously.

17. She is really good at drawing!

18. She LOVES Sandra Bullock movies!

19. She is so awesome, and I can't wait to move back in to the Cross and have a wicked year with her!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dream Home Disaster.

Hello everyone.
I regret to inform you of a tragic event which has happened in my town. A beautiful home, which I visit often, has been torn down. Let us take a minute of silence for my dream home.

But seriously, sometime last summer, my friend Shannon and I were driving along, minding our own business, when we stumbled upon this gem. Obviously, who wouldn't want to own it. We visited it all the time and dreamt about the day we would someday live in it, surrounded by crap. So tonight, just like every other night we hang out, we decided to pay a visit to the home of our dreams. Only something was wrong. As we drove up the long winding hill, we noticed some construction vehicles, and a random car stopped in the middle of the road. It was then that Shannon screamed "OMG. OUR HOUSE IS GONE." Well as you can probably imagine, we were devastated. Our dream home had been reduced to a heap of debris. But there was nothing we could do but continue on our way to Zumba. After that, we decided we would go on a mission to find a new dream home. A dream home number 2. But we knew that we could never find one as crappy or as wonderful as, as we liked to call it, the toilet house, because it was brown and yellow (get it, haha). We turned up random roads and drove around aimlessly, looking for anything we could find. We were about to go home when, just on a whim, I turned down this random road. And that's when we found it. The coolest house I have ever seen. And it's not a pile of crap either. It's pretty much a mansion, and the garage is bigger than my house. I really want to show it to you with a better picture, but as you can see, all the windows prevent us from taking a good picture without someone seeing us down there being creepers. So I had to settle for Google Street View.

Obviously these people are loaded, there was a huge garage beside it, and a Hummer and Lexus parked outside. So friends, say hello to dream home number 2. Hopefully this one doesn't get torn down any time soon.

Liv :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Conforming to the Man...

I feel like the new trend in HCH right now is starting a blog.. so who would I be if I didn't have one?! This should be good for keeping track of stuff that happens, since I have the memory of a goldfish. I'll keep this short and sweet since I have an awesome psyc midterm tomorrow... but I feel much more sophisticated now that I have a blog!